Sunday, 29 March 2009

Silly things,But intelligent ones....

"If people never did silly things , nothing intelligent would ever get done"

The table calender in my room tells loudly.. This time I am going to tell you the story of a "Mr.Somebody" who has been doing some thing silly but intelligently...May I introduce Mr.Rasheed ,a man who could not go beyond sixth standard in school. He dreams dreams and tries to realise the dream for the benefit of lay man. National innovation foundation has impressed their seal of appreciation on his certain innovations.

But he lacks the most needed thing the "vitamin M". Without money how can he bring the fruits of his innovation to the lay man for the benefit of his daily life? He wants a work shop to materialise his dreams. If there is a small scale factory there...He can manufacture the products in a perfect manner but at a cheap prize. He is cent percent sure that the effort will pay a good return.

If you got money ,got a mind to take risk ,if you are innovative, if you got the word 'patience" in your dictionary? If yes is the answer for all the questions you can start a partnership business with him . He is prepared to invest his heart and brain in this business. What about you? hundred times better than investing in goat farm,Jack fruit seed export business etc etc . a hand some earning from a business having the ingredients of morality, intelligence, genius, hard work...

The above photo is of a window lock. You have to just pull the shutter(from in side) or push the shutter (from out side) and leave the rest for this lock. This lock will get engaged in and no need of hooks,no hooking un hooking business! The most convenient facility of this lock is one can lock the window from out side the room/house.

The above sun glass has nothing to do with Michael Jackson! Its a welder's glass . Normally a welder has to wear a black glass to save his eyes from bright arcs and he has to lift the glass (with his hand)to see the work piece or to see other objects. But the above glass can be kept in position or rise the semi transparent(black glass) with the help of a switch provided on the very welding rod handle. So the control is very easy and a great solution for a welder's problem.

See the tube light fitting, though its beautiful this will give you better illumination , that is beautiful and intelligent at a time...

Are you a great soul who forget to lift the bike's stand while starting your motor cycle. Don't worry, Rasheesd is here to give you a special stand which will take the heavy responsibility of the bike when its required and folds automatically when its not required and saves you from accidents born out of your negligence!

There are a lot of little things which can make big changes in an ordinary man's day to day life and Rasheed is right here before you to father all these things!
You might have heard of a proposed building of Dubai (which will change its shape! ) but our hero dreams of a building_ each floor of the building swaps its position slowly, ie if your flat is in ground floor today after one year you may see you that you are at thirty fifth floor level(all along with your water line, power line etc)!
Non conventional energy is the hot subject every where and his brain works for taping the energy the running vehicles exerts on roads!. Think if succeeds.....

They say 'Innovation thrives on encouragement and dies with criticism'. If you want to congratulate/criticise him, please do it ...

Here is a flash (20-07-2009)...........

As per the latest information received from Sree Rasheed one gentleman with a golden heart has come forward to help him by making him a partner in a new establishment most suitable for Rasheed. Let me congratulate Mr Rasheed on behalf of all of my blogger friends and readers and let us pray for the kind hearted person for helping Sree Rasheed.

The information as given by Rasheed. If any business ventures with Rasheed at your risk and cost. Blogger takes NO responsibility. You can read more on Sree Rasheed's future plans at their site.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Nutmeg gender Identification!

Every farmer knows and you may not know that female plants bear fruits in Nutmeg plants (Nutmeg-an aromatic cash crop find in tropical climate is dioecious variety). Normally it takes up to 5 years to get yield. Just imagine the shock of a nutmeg farmer when he realises that the plant he has been watering , pampering is a useless male plant !then he has to go for budding and then a waiting of 2 more years!Then you may ask me why cant you go for a female plant ?But how will you make out a female plant ? "Nothing is apparent " in a plant helping to identifying the gender of a nutmeg plant. Universities suggests DNA analysis(to be more specific I have to tell you polymerised chain reaction based seedling sex diagnostic assay) and the process is out of reach of an ordinary farmer and is a bit complicated too.

Here comes our hero Moideen Naina! He is in nutmeg farming since his retirement from railway service. Patience is the only word you cannot find in his dictionary. So he was not able to think of imagining a waiting of 5 years to identifying the gender of the plant. So he started his search or as you call it his research to see whether any difference is there in male and female plants. Started by chopping plants leaves adding ,extracting,subtracting,......

No use ......years have passed....age was in his side (he is in his mid seventies!) but one day he came running from his farm only to lift his wife (I was told , but both fell down ....t..h...u...d ) and dance ''eureka, eureka ''.

Though Naina is not prepared to reveal that which chemical formula made him dance,he is ready to help his fellow farmers. Just pluck two or three leaves of "The nutmeg plant in question ' and just drop the sap oozing out from the leaves, to 5 ml of colour less solution invented by Naina, shake well only to see a wonderful colour change. If it changes to dark amber certainly you can dance with joy. Yes it will be a female plant and if its light amber you can very well bid good bye to the unfortunate (male) sapling!

Now you can very well separate male and female plants in your nursery and go for cent percent sure lucky nutmeg farming with out cracking your nut. 

(Updated as on 14/10/2013)

Sri.Moideen Naina left this world of nutmeg for ever on 02/10/2013......